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The company was founded in June 1987. It’s a manufacturer dedicated to the design, development, production and sales of garment accessory. The company is headquartered in Shishi Baogai High-tech Industrial Park, which is known as China's "famous garment accessory town". In addition, it has acquired more than 200 acres of land in the Shishi High-tech Zone Hardware Printing Park, and has built more than 60,000 square meters of factory buildings. There are currently more than 2,000 employees. It has four production lines for plastic products and one production line for resin products, established production bases for hardware and zippers, and established large-scale mold making and processing centers. It has imported more than 1,000 sets of world-class equipment from Italy, Taiwan and Hong Kong, including computer injection molding machines. There are nearly three hundred machines, which can provide plastic and hardware accessories of various specifications, models and colors to meet the quality and quantity on time. Company's main productsare: "Hualian-KAM" plastic snap button, tag pin, luggage buckle, multi-purpose buckle; resin button; hardware products; zipper;belt buckles and press machines and so on. There are tens of thousands of products. Our products are widely used in light industrial products such as garment, shoes, hats, bags, home textiles, etc.

The company advocates the "full-scale garment accessory supply" model and provides customers with the most convenient garment accessory supply solutions. It is favored by our customers and its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions like Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. There are nearly 100 sales outlets in major domestic cities. In recent years, the company has accelerated the transformation, upgrading and innovation of its products. It develops more than 600 new products every year and has more than 40 patents of various types, which are increasing every year.

"KAM" garment accessory will create a beautiful, comfortable and harmonious fashion life for you.





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Decorated with red as the main tone, this is an important part of our CI image recognition system. Red conveys the company focus on traditional orientation; the red elements are enthusiastic and unrestrained, symbolizing the company's prosperity. Red also represents jumping vitality, inspiring us to become the skeleton employees of the company as soon as possible and realize our own value.
"KAM" is the Cantonese pronunciation of the word "Jin" in the name of Hong Kong Jinrong Industrial Co., Ltd., the largest investor of our company. It is the English abbreviation of "TO BE THE KING AT MARKET". We use it as a trademark to express the company’s determination to focus on product innovation. We also want to go abroad to try our best in the international apparel accessories industry.
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Hualian's corporate culture advocates "people-oriented and sustainable management".
Hualian's corporate mission is "to serve the country with industry, to rejuvenate enterprises with science and technology, to achieve employees and to repay society"
Hualian's entrepreneurial spirit is "people-oriented, honest and innovative, scientific and efficient, and the pursuit of excellence"
Hualian's management model is "system + emotion"
Hualian's talent concept is "to have both integrity and integrity, to be loyal and hardworking."
The above reflects the ideological connotation of "people-oriented".
Corporate vision: "to build "KAM" brand, and strive to become a pioneer in the garment accessories industry in China and even the world";
Hualian's corporate purpose is "to be market-oriented, to survive with quality, to develop with products, and to benefit with management"
Hualian's quality policy is "scientific management, customers first, implement the strategy of famous brand with the best products and quality service, and create KAM high-quality products".
Hualian's quality goal is "the pass rate of product batch inspection reaches 98%, the pass rate of ex-          factory products is 100%, the customer satisfaction rate reaches 100%, and the complaint rate is 0"
Hualian's safety concept is "respect for life, implement responsibility"
Hualian's culture theme is "unity, truth-seeking, pioneering and enterprising"
Hualian's corporate goal is "to build a century-old Hualian and create a first-class brand"
The above is the ideological connotation of "su
Honorable achievements

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Chian Famous Brand
National “abiding by contract and keeping promises” unit
National Model Staff Home
Winning enterprise in the national "Ankang Cup" competition;
Textile Industry (Fujian) Garment Accessories Innovation Center;
UN Procurement Suppliers;
Deputy Director Unit of National Button Standardization Technical Committee;
China's top 500 textile and garment industries;
ISO9001 international quality management system certification company;
Fujian Province Enterprise Standardization Good Behavior AAAA Enterprise
Fujian Province 2007-2008 Excellent Enterprise in Ideological and Political Work;
Fujian High-tech Enterprises (2010-10, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Finance Bureau, National Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau);
Fujian Harmonious Enterprise (2011-5, Fujian Provincial Party Committee and People's Government of the Communist Party of China);
Advanced Enterprise of Quality Management in Fujian Province (2011-7, Fujian Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision)
Grade III Enterprise of Work Safety Standardization (Light Industry and others)
Quanzhou advanced grass-roots Party organizations
Quanzhou advanced enterprise for standardized labor management;
Shishi City Star Enterprise;
General branch of Red Flag Group in Shishi city. , etc.

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